Saturday, March 19, 2011

1000 Nails

I wrote this song when I lived alone in Lower Hutt. I remember it was raining extremely hard and the drains were beginning to flood. I was sitting on the window sill and plucking away on the guitar, sub consciously humming. I was listening a lot to The Byrds and CSN&Y. I loved the guitar work on Guinnevere from CSN's self titled album, I think this song reflects that interest a little. 1000 Nails was a song that I wrote first take, lyrics and all. I don't know, but it seems all my best songs are 'automatic writing'. It's like they make themselves up out of nothing.

This version is played by 'The Dickens' live at Happy in May 2010. It was the first song in our set and our debut performance. Jonathan King and Dan Adams play guitar while Simon Eastwood and my brother-in-law Mike Rhoades fill out the rhythm section. Simon has since moved to London and I moved on to bass guitar. I am very proud of this band. Great company, great collaborators.

Here is another live version played by 'Savage Adams' - which is essentially 'The Dickens when people are sick or away'

1000 Nails (Savage Adams version)

1000 Nails
(words & music by Andrew Savage w/ Adams, King, Eastwood, Rhoades and Henderwood)

You take the rod, I take the staff
You take the words out of my mouth
I made these days, out of mud and clay
My nails broke and bent,
Then he turned them away, and you can’t explain
You turn them away

It hammers down
It's a thousand nails
my arms outstretch like yours
Praying for the rain
but you can't explain

It comes down so hard
I feel it through my clothes
I can feel, invisible hands
on the back of my neck
turning it around again
and you can't explain

turning it around again

But still you come
and still you come
still you come
talking straight to me
still you come
talking straight to me

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