Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girls With Broken Wings

Girls With Broken Wings is another 'automatically written' song. I remember mumbling lyrics into my portable recorder while I strummed those very simple chords in Island Bay during the summer of 2008. I actually don't know what the song really means...but it means something to me. Perhaps it is a reflection of the helplessness I remember feeling when reading about another violent assault on a young woman in small town New Zealand. Whenever I sing it, it makes me think of that feeling. This version is played with Simon Eastwood on double bass and Mike Rhoades on tamborine and backing vocals. At the end we perform an excerpt of Bjork's Hyperballad. I like doing that. It is kind of like a quote in an essay - a footnote acknowledging sources.

Girls with Broken Wings
(words & music by Andrew Savage)

Girls with Broken Wings
They don't get too far
And those of us who sing
We know it isn't fair
To shower them with words
And arms around their necks
Leave them just to cry
Hope they come home in the end

So shine on broken wings
I wish that you could dance
And sing without the fear
That your hunters are still here
If I could take you home
You could show the way
I would give you more
But I don't know what to say

In the end

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