Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out of the Darkness

When I was 15 years old I saw JPSE play. It was both inspiring and devastating. Ever since then, every band I have played in has in some way attempted to capture the power and beauty that they seemed so effortlessly to manage. I sometimes wonder, almost 20 years later, whether this song is part of that venture. I definitely don't think it sounds like JPSE, but the bass playing was unashamedly inspired by Dave Yetton.

 The first version of this song was called 'Into the Light' and it was in a different key to the one it has finally settled on. I think this is due to the fact that almost all my attempts to write songs these days start after the children have gone to bed. That means I sing very quietly and playing in certain keys encourages that. It is when I play it to others that I then realise that the 'low versions' have no balls.

While the arrangement has matured, the lyrics have not changed at all. I sung these words directly over the chords as a way to remember the melody in the original acoustic demo sung into a dictaphone. I was just singing whatever came in to my head. I didn't think those words would become the final lyric. This is a song I would love to record properly...what do you think? Is it too long?

So, to track how the song grew up here are a few versions. A live version played with 'The Dickens' in December 2010, a link to another live version played with 'Savage Adams' in early 2010 ('Savage Adams' is Dan Adams on guitar, Simon Eastwood on double bass and myself), and an early 8 track demo.

Out of the Darkness (Live w/ The Dickens 2010)

Out of the Darkness (Savage Adams version)

Into the Light (very rough 8-track demo)

Out of the Darkness
(Words & music: Andrew Savage w/ Adams, King, Rhoades, Eastwood, Henderwood) 

Out of the Darkness
Into the light
I’m still
Wanting to find you
Make it alright
Don’t you
Hear all the words I
Throw at your feet
I’m still
Wanting to find you
It’s been time to meet you
In your way
you’re still here
It’s ok
I wanted to tell you
My children are here
Then so are you
All that you’ve done to
Make it appear
I thank you
It’s all you want from me
It’s all I’m giving to you now
It’s what you want from me
I’m giving it all
So you can tell
If it’s love you want
It’s love you'll get
If you can’t forgive me
Don’t forget me

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