Saturday, April 30, 2011

Living in the Gaps

Me living in the gaps

 This song always sits in the 'I'm not sure' basket. Somedays I think has real potential. On other days I absolutely despise it.

I can't decide.

There is this rather limp/strange Beach Boys vocal thing I was trying to do at the end, which kind of grates me now. On the other hand, I like the tune. I also like the sliding guitar thing, but I can't help but think it is (as always) in the wrong key for me.

I think the verses need to be longer, but I had run out of words. Another problem is that the structure of the song was improvised and it didn't leave me enough bars to work with...

On the other hand, I love the phrase 'living in the gaps'.

This song is like a old friend or acquaintance that you are happy to see every now and then. You have a great time reminicising, and then run out of things to talk about. There is enough to keep you coming back, but you just don't click like you wish you did...

Recently a friend of mine bought me a book called 'Bird by Bird' by Anne Lamott. She writes about writing and the process of developing an idea that is worth pursuing. In it she discusses the fear that all writers have of someone finding and reading their first drafts.

She describes the panic of writing a first draft and the anxiety that follows worrying that the perception of your magic will be dispelled if someone knew what you actually wrote on your first go.

First drafts are only there to help you know what you don't want to do.

Well, as much as I agree with her, I have realised that with this blog, I am actually doing the unthinkable. I am showing you first drafts.

But I am showing you these drafts with open arms and ears. Take them as they are. What you have are the initial moments of inspiration, or performances that capture the only recorded versions of my ideas.

My dream is to one day make a second draft. Record them as I actually imagine them. But until I have the $ this is all I have.

And I'd rather share them than hide them. So bring your imagination too. You can all be co-writers if you want to be.

And thank you for listening and reading. Your support and endorsement is compelling me on. That can't be a bad thing...can it?

Living in the Gaps (original 8-track demo)
(Words & Music by Andrew Savage)

Look at all those broken things
You've got a piece you just can't seem to fit

When you're wrong
You're wrong
When you're right
You always stand into the light

I love the way
The cards would fall
But now the Joker
Pins me to the wall

When you're wrong
You're gone
When you're right
You always stand into the light

Living in the gaps
It's not easy
I turn my back
And you're all over me
Try to find you
I look right through you.


  1. I really like it - would love to help with the second draft... maybe one day.