Monday, July 4, 2011

Secret Rain

This song is about leaving home...or maybe it is about home leaving you. I can't decide.

 I remember that I wrote this song around 2005 or 2006, after a long period of listening to Bruce Springsteen's album Tunnel of Love. There are some great songs on that record. I especially liked Tougher than the Rest, Brilliant Disguise, One Step Up and Valentine's Day. 
I wonder whether the title to Secret Rain was a subconscious nod to Bruce. He had that hit Secret Garden.

North Island Towns

I had been to dinner at my wife's aunt's house and she had given me an ancient looking (poorly made) mandolin.  It was while trying to make the mandolin sound remotely pleasant that I stumbled across this tune. It was performed with North Island Towns on occasion, and I have often considered re-recording it without the drums, which bug me.

To me, this is one of the loneliest songs I have written. The story tracks the end of a relationship as seen from the perspective of a child. In the first verse the child is young. Perhaps walking to school for the first time. In the second, the child has grown up and is interpreting what happened through the eyes of an adult.

I quite like this one. There is something disarming about it to me. Maybe I am too close to it.

Well, I will be away on a school trip for part of July, so there will be no new posts 'til August. I have really appreciated the kind words and encouragement people have sent me. I will keep it coming as long as I have demos to post. Who knows, one day I just might make it to a recording studio and have something I can say is finished. Until then, enjoy the ghosts I am giving you. I hope the haunting is a positive one.

Secret Rain (8 Track demo)
(Words and music: Andrew Savage)
I walk down the driveway
Past the grass you sowed
With my bag on my back and a pocketful of hope
I miss all the cracks
And let go of your hand
I made my way into this foreign land

I didn’t understand
When you cried so hard
That it was me in the middle and the tears were becoming scars
That tattooed our faces
They hide our shame
I thought that you would never walk again

But the days made nights
And the seasons change
We are still alone in the secret rain

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