Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've Got You Like a Fever

When REM put out the album Monster I think I may have been the only person I knew who actually liked it. Was it out of loyalty to a band that had traveled through High School with me?

I really loved REM when I was at school. Life's Rich Pageant was one of my favourite records. We covered 'The One I Love' in our school band. I thought Murmer was beautiful. 'Perfect Circle' was a constant player on my tape deck. Stunning song.

I actually still think there are at least 4 great songs on Monster although it is safe to say that it was not the best record they have released.

Whatever you think of Monster, it had a reasonable resonance on me. I liked how they were not afraid to discard all the elements that had made them superstars to try something different. There is a song called 'King of Comedy' on Monster which I always found curious. I never really loved the song, but I liked how Michael Stipe tried doing different things with his vocals.

'I've Got You Like a Fever' is me trying to change the way I sing. It is also my attempt at learning how to use an e-bow. So, the song itself is more of a 'learning curve' than a piece I feel is in anyway complete. Part of the song-writing process is attempting new things and learning the limitations of what you can do. So, this song is about limitations and trying to break them.

I think I wrote it sometime in 2009. I have never shown it to anyone until now. The song picks up again on the theme of being haunted. I mumbled through the lyrics which were written on an old envelope in pencil.

I've Got You Like a Fever
(Words and music: Andrew Savage)

I know you're dead set on haunting me
I'm just a shadow of yesterday
I keep my eyes on the setting sun
I keep expecting another gun
Your voice is possessing me
It drives me on
And obsesses me
I keep on turning back to you
I never left
I was confused
I need to know a simple truth

I've got you like a fever

I need to know the simple truth
I'm nothing more than a broken fuse
You stopped the circuits and left me cold
I cut you out a different mold
I need to know the simple truth

I've got you like a fever


  1. Hey,

    I read your post about 90 minutes ago and have spend the last hour and a half tripping down memory lane while fulfilling my household domestic duties. I was the nerd that cut out all the R.E.M. articles from the NME at school and knew that "Voice of Harold" and "Seven Chinese Brothers" were the same tune with different lyrics.

    Automatic had a huge effect on me and pushed me way back into their back catalog. While my cohorts were deep into Nirvana and RHCP I was trying to decipher Michael Stipe's mumbling lyrics on Radio Free Europe (this was pre-internet) and falling asleep to So. Central Rain playing on my awesome tape-radio alarm clock.

    I totally know what you mean about trying to justify liking Monster. I distinctly remember listening to What's the Frequency Kenneth in the record store and just being stunned. I was expecting the electric guitar (this had been trailed in the music magazines) but Monster was so different. There were hints of their previous albums (Strange Currencies for example) but my initial reaction was one of betrayal - how could they change so drastically? Where were the mandolins?

    Then as I listened to it I came to evolve with them and understand that they're doing their own thing and they didn't care if I didn't get it.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say thank you for reminding me to listening to R.E.M. and great job on I've Got You Like a Fever. Way to take a chance and switch things up. Keep putting these bits of yourself out there.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad there is another believer out there...REM were pivotal, and should be remembered that way. Thier new album is good too by the way!

    Top songs on Monster:

    1. I don't sleep I dream
    2. Circus Envy
    3. You
    4. Let me in
    5. Strange Currencies

    (Crush w/ Eyeliner is ok too)

  3. Its Circus Envy for the win man, totally...that is the arena rock anthem which makes that album, and all that fuzzy hooplah just makes my beard itch with dance-druff.

    i bought one of those 2 for 1 dealios at te warewhare-Monster/Green. Monster is in the car for the road rage apoplexy whilst green is in the lounge for the sunday come down/calm down.

    But on the topic of REM i am in love with Fables at the moment, in particular Kohoutek- simply beautiful.

    & i know this blog doesn't take requests but i thought of another band which defined those early days in Rotovegas- certainly defnied the DIY eth[n]ic of CIA), and that band my freu[n]d is The Violent Femmes. you know you want to...