Saturday, September 10, 2011

the word 'it' (Heart & Soul)

I have decided that the word 'it' is the best asset I have in my lyrical tool box.

'It' can be anything.

When you are writing songs that have perhaps too much personal meaning, or maybe involve someone you know or have observed, or cast doubts upon your personal integrity, the word 'it' comes to the rescue.

'It' could be love.
'It' could be death.
'It' could be betrayal.
'It' could be hope.
'It' could be God.
'It' could be hate.
'It' could be grief.
'It' could be jealousy.

etc etc. etc.

Perhaps I also think that the songs can become a little like a choose your own adventure book. Just add in what you want 'it' to mean and make the song yours.

This song is called Heart & Soul. It sits firmy on the fence for me. I can't decide if it is good or bad. I was playing around on a 12-string guitar and just recorded the result. The 12-string makes it automatically 'generified'. In may mind I can hear more distortion and chaos at the end. It makes me think, "who do I think I am? Neil Young? Pink Floyd? Mr. Big?"

Try replacing 'it' in the song with a word of your choice. It might be the making of this one...

Heart & Soul  (rough demo)
(Words and music: Andrew Savage)

See how quick it comes
No regard for what you've done
And when the branches start to break
We're just left with the shape
You carved out

And when
The toll collector comes
She won't 
Count your setting suns

It always preys on us who wait
And choose to take too long
We protect what we keep 
In the myths that we make
For you

And you ask why
When the toll collector comes
She won't 
Count your setting suns

She just cuts away the coal
This is heart and soul

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