Friday, October 21, 2011

Skeletons (Two Face)

Firstly, apologies for not meeting my post a week goal. The Dickens have been busy recording a little demo/ep and I have been quite busy at work. Forgive the brevity of this post then!

I have a goal of trying to make the skeleton of at least one song a week. This discipline means that sometimes you get an ideas worthy of investment, sometimes you just get a headache. I panic a bit if I don't have new ideas each week. I wonder if songwriting is a finite resource in each person. I can't tell anymore if I am writng good or bad songs. They just are what they are. I keep pressing in. I hope it will result in something I can proud of. I just can't tell...

This song comes from one of those weekly panic sessions. Here is the process:

1. Pick up acoustic guitar.
2. Strum away until I hum a tune
3. Quickly record it onto my phone so I don't forget it
4. Set up my archaic old zoom 8-track
5. Lay down a quick drum pattern to play along to.
6. Record bass, and two-three guitars
7. Throw some words down
8. Post it here

Remember, everything posted here is a skeleton. Nothing is finished. Only started. It is here to track the progress. They are genuine demos. Moments of my Sunday afternoon or evening pasted into memory.

Two Face (Demo)
(Words and music: Andrew Savage)

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